turtle id project

Our Story

SLTID founders got to know each other over a underwater cleanup discussion. Chathurika Munasinghe, A marine biologist who returned to Sri Lanka after a research program had previous experience in Sea Turtle Identification methods. Randunu, being always excited about conservation initiatives, suggested that he could help out starting a photo Identification program for sea turtles. Thus, the Sri Lankan Turtle ID Project was born. 

After 3 months from the initial submission, we have collected more than 100 submissions, delivered few project presentations to raise awareness about the project. 

In future, the project team will collaborate with dive operators and other watersport operators to get more submissions and collect data on turtle sightings. We hope to keep this project as a crowdsourced and open project where anyone can have access to the surveys and data for their researches. 

Chathurika Munasinghe

randunu scuba diving

Randunu Dimeshan

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