Sri Lankan Turtle ID Project is a research initiative which uses pattern recognition systems in order to create a digital “fingerprint” for turtles found in Sri Lankan waters. 

A Database for Sri Lankan Sea Turtles

SLTID project is a collaboration between Polhena Diving Center and OCEA Sri Lanka which started in August of 2019 as a citizen science program.  Sri Lankan Turtle ID Project is one of the few unique projects in Sri Lanka with a crowdsourced data submission model. The general public can be a part of this program by submitting the sea turtle sightings and help the database to grow. 

SLTID Project collaborators

Meet some of our turtle beauties

shelah the turtle
olya the turtle

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Citizen science projects like SLTID are very important. They encourage the general public to become more involved in conservation and research. 
For me, this is a great way to contribute my captures for a good cause. 

Krzysztof Bargiel- Underwater Photographer
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